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Retro 80s Style Funk Out 2023

Everyone is in love with the 80s. Inspired by everything from the futuristic sci-fi films to the awesome retro graphics, designers are getting really creative with their 80s style fonts. Looking for the best 80s fonts to complete your projects? Check out this new list of exciting pro fonts from Envato Elements.

Retro 80s Style Funk Out 2023

Hanahelia is a great example of an 80s style font with a retro 80s aesthetic. Add some neon and shiny effects, and you'll get a cool 80s lettering design. This 80s script font is perfect for logos, flyers, posters, and more.

Looking for unique 80s font styles? Gorgom is a cool futuristic typeface that looks awesome as an 80s style font. It looks great on gaming projects and any other retro designs. Try it out if you want a unique 80s computer font in your creative arsenal.

You can fix just about anything with good design and 80s fonts. So fix your work with the Broken 80s lettering style font. Made by designer yandidesigns, this bold scratch font is new and unique. It features a full set of uppercase letters with realistic dents and scratches. Give this 80s retro aesthetic a go!

Looking for a clear 80s retro aesthetic font inspired by the Miami Vice font? This popular trend often features a great metallic sheen that will work on many 80s projects. Add it to a movie or product title like the image above. For more great results, personalize the 80s lettering to fit your brand's style.

Nemphis is a brilliant new font based on the popular 80s Memphis Design trend. The 80s lettering uses funky shapes and letter arrangements to create intricate letters with lots of personality. Use this display 80s style font on almost any project, from web work to print design.

Craving a little nostalgia? Step into a time machine with the wonderful Crava retro font. This 1980s font is curvy and big. It's a unique display font with large, looping letters and an all-caps style. Use it for a retro twist to any poster or project.

Eighties text fonts are sometimes messy too. The Minority retro font features a hand-painted condensed script that is bold and explosive. Enjoy the realistic spray-painted effect and epic stylistic alternates. How would you use this 80s style font in a project?

Want another great retro 80s text font? The Alaska Adventure typeface has a clean, sans serif style. The subtle letter arrangement has awesome character to it and works incredibly well with minimalist projects like logos and headers. Try this 1980s font out on invites and print design too!

Now that you've seen our coolest 80s lettering font styles, I'm sure you'd like to know more about this retro design trend that is taking over social media and brands. I've got this useful video where you can learn more about it:

While psychedelic influences from the 1960s continued well into the 70s; this groovy decade was all about bell bottoms, disco, funk, and free luuurve. Design-wise, the style of the decade flaunted bold colors, thick lines, flowery patterns, and curvy fonts. And now, 50 years on, graphic design inspiration from the 1970s is still all the rage!

In the late 1960s, vibraphonist Roy Ayers was among the top young talents in jazz, thriving during a remarkable era for the genre. While Ayers would later become a jazz-funk pioneer and delve heavily into R&B fusions, his third album Stoned Soul Picnic is a masterful showcase of soul-jazz grooves. Produced by Herbie Mann, Stoned Soul Picnic features a memorable Laura Nyro-penned title track and an exceptional lineup of musicians, including Gary Bartz, Hubert Laws, Ron Carter, Herbie Hancock, and Grady Tate. Originally released in 1968, this early Roy Ayers classic is now receiving an official reissue on limited-edition splatter colored vinyl via Nature Sounds for Record Store Day 2023.

Demon Records are delighted to announce the release of Haircut 100% Live! Hammersmith Odeon Spring 1982 for Record Store Day 2023, released with full co-operation of the band. Haircut 100% Live! Hammersmith Odeon Spring 1982 is an in-concert album that highlights the group at the summit of their powers high speed funk, to-die for pop and sweet melodies against the backdrop of Haircutmania. No overdubs and the high-octane energy of youth. The group moved from being London underground darlings to chart sensations in less than six months, and within a year had disappeared into pops ether, leaving behind one memorable album and four Top 10 UK singles, but many have said that the real way to experience the power of the Haircuts was to see them play live.

With his 1981 solo debut album The Red and the Black, Jerry Harrison proves his formidable talent as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Dense, abrasive and focused, The Red and the Blacks complex and funky musical style was ahead of its time. Harrison's observations throughout the album on the modern condition ring all the more true in our digital age. This limited edition 2LP edition features the 1981 album recut from the original tapes plus a bonus LP of previously unreleased outtakes and alternate mixes.A1. THINGS FALL APARTA2. SLINKA3. THE NEW ADVENTUREA4. MAGIC HYMIE

Funky Chicken is the 1970 album from Willie Henderson and the Soul Explosions. As evident by the name, it is infinitely danceable from the moment you press play. The bands potent blend of soul and bayou funk makes for a very exuberant-sounding record, where the grooves are endless. The record was initially released on the legendary Brunswick Records, famous for signing such artists as Jackie Wilson and The Chi-Lites. Bonus track "Loose Booty", not included on the original LP, will be instantly recognizable to fans of the Beastie Boys, who sample the intro. For the first time in more than a decade, ORG Music is bringing the title back to vinyl in the US exclusively for Record Store Day 2023! Pick up a copy at an independent record store near you.Soulful FootballOo Wee Baby, I Love YouCan I Change My Mind Funky Chicken - Part 1Sugar Sugar Off Into A Black Thing Is It Something You've Got Funky Chicken - Part 2

The buzz generated from over a million plays of IN THIS MOMENT's tunes on the popular Internet community apparently got the attention of the Century Media folks and the rest, as they say, is history. And,the hype over this band's melodic, Swedish-inflected metalcore is not overblown. In addition to a load of good riffs and guitar harmonies, as well as a knack for writing strong melodies, the secret ingredient is the voice of front woman Maria Brink. Her singing is passionate and beautiful, yet not wimpy; the melodies written suit her perfectly and she really knows how to make a chorus come to life. At the same time, her harsh 'core vocals are ferocious as hell and sound better than many of her male counterparts. One of the best things that "Beautiful Tragedy" has going for it is the consistency of songwriting. Many albums of this type have a couple of catchy tunes and the rest begin to bleed together. By contrast, most of the songs on "Beautiful Tragedy" are rife with big hooks and killer axe work, the title track being the standout for an incredibly catchy chorus. But several other songs, such as "Ashes" and "Daddy's Falling Angel," are catchy too. Sure, the band follows a formula in the way that screams and melodic vocals are alternated in predictable places. Fortunately, IN THIS MOMENT gets it right, even in a world where every other band employs a similar songwriting style. It also helps that the tunes are largely up-tempo and stick to a Swedish melodic death metal style of arrangement that is not rife with breakdowns. Beautiful Tragedy is a 2007 masterpiece that breathed new life into a worn out genre. The 2016 vinyl release has been long out of print and this 2023 color vinyl on Brutal Planet Records now features three Japan-only bonus tracks for the very first time. Remastered for vinyl by Bombworks Sound/Rob Colwell we promise this classic, monumental album has literally never sounded better! A1 Whispers Of October 1:06A2 Prayers 3:46A3 Beautiful Tragedy 4:00A4 Ashes 3:51A5 Daddy's Falling Angel 4:12A6 The Legacy Of Odio 4:07A7 This Moment 3:58B1 Next Life 3:58B2 He Said Eternity 3:51B3 Circles 4:11B4 When The Storm Subsides 4:44

The definitive reissue of HAIR composer Galt MacDermots masterpiece a quirky instrumental album originally created as the soundtrack to a film about fashion designer Yves St. Laurent. Long loved by hip hop samplers (one of the first to use it was the legendary J Dilla), funk and rare groove aficionados and those into the shapes of rhythm. Woman Is Sweeter is one of the few to feature drummers Bernard Purdie and Idris Muhammad on the same album. Presented for RSD 2023 in the first ever reissue from master tapes, lacquered in an all-analog transfer by Bernie Grundman with an extensive booklet written by Now-Agains Eothen Alapatt, who worked with Galt MacDermot since the 1990s, about the composers life in music.A Side 1. Tango2. Fragments 13. Fragments 1B4. Fragments II5. Bass6. Cathedral7. Woman Is Sweeter

The final result is a sensual and suave sound that matches well with the quintessential morbid style of Giallo cinema and the films plot: During winter-time in Milan, a young lawyer (Philippe Leroy) meets a girl with a mysterious past (Paola Pitagora), falling in love with her and inevitably heading towards irreparable consequences. Pressed on yellow vinyl for Record Store Day 2023.

Soul Jazz Records 200% Dynamite! set the benchmark for reggae meets funk compilations that has never been bettered. Out of print for over 15 years this new 2023 edition contains new tracks and is being released in a one-off limited-edition heavyweight red/blue vinyl pressing with a download code, exclusively for Record Store Day 2023.

Jam-packed with reggae tunes that crossed-over to become dancefloor hits such as Tenor Saws sound boy anthem Ring the Alarm, K.C. Whites classic cut of the seminal No, No, No and Augustus Pablos Rockers Rock, 200% Dynamite explores the links between reggae, jazz, funk and soul. Carrying on perfectly from 100% Dynamite, this second compilation continues to trace the history of Jamaican reggae and the influence of American styles such as funk and jazz had on this music. 041b061a72

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