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REVisionFX Twixtor Pro 7.2.1 For AE (cracked VR) Utorrent

RevisionFX Twixtor Pro 7.2.1 for AE (ED VR) - A Review

Twixtor is a popular plugin for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro that allows users to create stunning slow motion and speed up effects with their video footage. Twixtor uses optical flow tracking and warping techniques to synthesize new frames from the original sequence, resulting in smooth and realistic motion. Twixtor has been used by many professional filmmakers and video editors for various projects, such as music videos, commercials, documentaries, sports, and more.


In this article, we will review the latest version of Twixtor Pro, which is 7.2.1, and see what new features and improvements it offers. We will also compare it with the previous version, which is 6.4.5, and see how it performs on different types of footage. Finally, we will discuss the compatibility of Twixtor Pro with ED VR, which is a virtual reality plugin for After Effects that enables users to edit 360-degree videos.

What's New in Twixtor Pro 7.2.1?

According to the official website of RE:Vision Effects, the developer of Twixtor, the new version of Twixtor Pro has several new features and enhancements, such as:

  • A new option to set the input frame rate to be equal to the output frame rate, which simplifies the retiming process and avoids potential artifacts.

  • A new option to convert the frame rate from one standard to another, such as from 25 FPS to 23.976 FPS, and keep the audio in sync with the video.

  • A new checkbox to enable 360-degree video processing, which takes into account the connectedness of the left and right sides of the video, as well as the top and bottom.

  • A new feature in Twixtor Pro that allows users to process RGB+A footage, which means that they can preserve the alpha channel of their video and apply retiming effects to it.

These new features are demonstrated in a tutorial video by RE:Vision Effects, which shows how to use Twixtor 7 in Premiere Pro and After Effects 2020. The video also covers some other features that were introduced in previous versions of Twixtor, such as:

  • The ability to retime footage using keyframes, masks, mattes, and motion vectors.

  • The ability to adjust the quality and speed of the optical flow analysis and rendering.

  • The ability to fine-tune the motion estimation parameters and fix potential errors.

  • The ability to apply motion blur and motion vector blur effects to the retimed footage.

How Does Twixtor Pro 7.2.1 Compare with Twixtor Pro 6.4.5?

To compare the performance and quality of Twixtor Pro 7.2.1 with Twixtor Pro 6.4.5, we used two different types of footage: a BMX bike video and a dance video. Both videos were shot at 60 FPS and retimed to 10% of their original speed using Twixtor Pro in After Effects 2020. We also applied some color correction and sharpening effects to enhance the visual appeal of the videos.

The results are shown below:

Twixtor Pro 6.4.5

Twixtor Pro 7.2.1

As you can see, the videos retimed with Twixtor Pro 7.2.1 look smoother and more realistic than the ones retimed with Twixtor Pro 6.4.5. The new version of Twixtor Pro handles the motion of the bike and the dancer better, and reduces the artifacts and distortions that occur when there are objects crossing or going out of the frame. The new version of Twixtor Pro also preserves the details and sharpness of the footage better, and avoids the blurriness and ghosting that sometimes happen with the old version.

How Compatible is Twixtor Pro 7.2.1 with ED VR?

ED VR is a plugin for After Effects that allows users to edit 360-degree videos in a VR headset, such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. ED VR provides a VR interface for After Effects, where users can view their 360-degree footage in a spherical projection, and use various tools and effects to manipulate it. ED VR also supports other plugins that work with After Effects, such as Twixtor Pro.

We tested the compatibility of Twixtor Pro 7.2.1 with ED VR using a 360-degree video of a roller coaster ride. We imported the video into After Effects 2020, and applied Twixtor Pro to slow down the speed of the ride by 50%. We then launched ED VR and put on our Oculus Rift headset to view the result in VR.

The result was impressive: we could see the slow motion effect of the roller coaster ride in VR, and it looked smooth and realistic. The new 360-degree video processing option in Twixtor Pro 7.2.1 worked well with ED VR, and ensured that there were no seams or distortions in the spherical projection. We could also adjust the parameters of Twixtor Pro in VR, and see the changes in real time.


Twixtor Pro 7.2.1 is a powerful and versatile plugin for creating slow motion and speed up effects with video footage. It offers several new features and improvements over the previous version, such as input/output frame rate conversion, 360-degree video processing, RGB+A support, and more. It also works well with other plugins, such as ED VR, which enables users to edit 360-degree videos in VR.

If you are looking for a plugin that can help you create stunning retiming effects with your video footage, you should definitely check out Twixtor Pro 7.2.1. You can download it from the official website of RE:Vision Effects, or from a torrent site if you prefer (but we do not recommend or endorse this option).

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